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Ancient Chinese coins have a long history dating as far back as 2000 BC when China was ruled by the Xia dynasty. These coins had many different variations. From size, shape, to design. These coins were unique with each passing dynasty. During the Shang and Western Zhou eras there were numerous types of coins that came into use. The very first of these coins were cowry money. [ read more... ]
If you're in the market to buy gold coins there is no better time than the present. The price of gold and silver is on the rise and precious metals' investing is on the minds of everyone seeking to strengthen their portfolio and increase their financial security during these troubled times. (A strong portfolio should contain at least 10-20% coins and bullion, according to industry experts.) [ read more... ]
A professional who sells antiques, often in a permanent establishment but also at fairs, is known as an antiques dealer. There are many advantages to buying from a dealer rather than at auction. There is no pressure to make up your mind in an instant as to how much you are willing to pay, which you may have to do in the heated atmosphere of an auction. You will also know exactly how much you will pay for the piece - there is no need to worry about adding the auction house premium onto the price quoted. [ read more... ]
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